A “venerable live oak” was saved in Chics Beach!

What great news for our beloved City Tree!

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Received the BEST NEWS EVER from Virginia Beach (THANK YOU FRANK FENTRESS & SUSAN FRENCH!) after the city had a master arborist (THANK YOU JASON HEIZER of Bartlett Tree Experts) do a Risk Assessment which resulted in the determination that the tree is “Low risk” & recommended taking a number of mitigation measures to decrease the risk further.

“That tree is just gorgeous,” Morrell said. “It’s like a breath of fresh air.”

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Since the residents’ petition surfaced, the city has delayed removing the tree and is seeking a second opinion, said Susan French, an arborist for Virginia Beach.


They also consulted with the Friends of Live Oaks organization, which supports city efforts to retain and protect the trees.

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“A treasure trove of live oaks has been growing under the radar in Virginia Beach for decades. The storied trees have now come to the attention of the Virginia Beach Friends of Live Oaks.”

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The Friends call it the Live Oak Grove. Unfortunately, this live oak showcase has no public access, and the Friends group hopes that it will be designated as a protected natural area and included in the city’s plans for developing that area.

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