We’re volunteers who inspire the protection & planting of Virginia Beach’s City Tree – The Live Oak (Quercus virginiana).

Join us!

Some FOLO Milestones:

    We’ve distributed over 900 live oaks to residents of Virginia Beach.

    We partnered with the former COVB Environment & Sustainability Office in 2012 to plant 30 live oaks in Shore Drive median.

    We planted 50 live oaks in 2013 to Commemorate the City’s 50th Anniversary.

    We donated 10 live oaks to Stumpy Lake Natural Area.

    We successfully lobbied to replace Bradford Pear Trees along Court House Drive at City’s Municipal Center with live oaks – The Official City Tree.

On March 2, 2004:

    Upon motion by Vice Mayor Jones, seconded by Councilman Wood, City Council ADOPTED:

    Resolution to DESIGNATE the Live Oak Tree (Quercus virginiana) as the official tree for the City of Virginia Beach.

    Voting: 10-0(By Consent)