Beach Colony residents at the North End went the extra mile to keep our live oak community alive and healthy.

Working with Nuckols Tree Care, they cut back and trimmed the much beloved but fading, ancient oak in one of the courtyards to give it a lift. Then they also planted a beautiful new live oak across the walkway to give the old tree a friend and to give the neighborhood a lift too! Thank you, Beach Colony and Nuckols Tree Care!


Join the Friends of Live Oaks this fall and you will get a free live oak sapling as long as the trees last!

We have lots of little saplings looking for a home. We had planned to give these trees to new members at the tree celebration, TreeTopia, at Mount Trashmore that was recently rained out.

Dues are $25 for individuals and $100 for a business or community group.

Mail a check, payable to Friends of Live Oaks, c/o Clay Bernick, 214 A 84th Street, Virginia Beach Va. 23451.

Give us your name, cell number/email and address and we’ll bring a live oak to you!!!