Join us November 22nd!

From Clay:

All –

I hope this email finds everyone enjoying the beautiful fall weather and colors we have been experiencing in Virginia Beach! As I reflect back over the past year Friends of Live Oaks has many things we can be thankful for, and our members are at the top of this least! Several accomplishments really stand out:

  • We have significantly grown our funds balance thanks to the dues and generous gifts of many
  • We now have officially partnered with our first business
  • We have greatly increased our social media presence and outreach
  • We have visited over 14 sites to offer property owners assistance and suggested advice on how to best care for their live oaks
  • We have purchased a new banner for use at events
  • We have started making changes to our website to better inform the public and our members
  • We have harvested a number of live oak seedlings grown by our foraging squirrel partners (who have also eaten a number of these seedlings as well!) to donate for adoption and planting
  • We participated in the City’s Treetopia event at Mount Trashmore on November 6 until poor weather resulted in its cancellation
  • We have grown our partnership with local developers and builders to increase our efforts at protecting existing live oaks before and during the redevelopment and development process
  • We are currently exploring the potential to transplant a large live oak which would be lost to development due to its location on a lot in the Ocean Park area

As we move towards the end of 2021 I am optimistic that these accomplishments and many others will continue into 2022!

Below is the agenda for our next meeting on November 22, 2021 at 4:30 PM. The agenda is organized around FOLO’s priorities for 2021, and specifics on these priorities reflect our focus areas for this year. At this meeting we will look to 2022 and how we want to refine or revise these priorities to keep our momentum as a group. Make sure to bring your input for the times listed under old business, as well as any new business ideas to share.

We will also have a Zoom meeting option. The link to the November 22nd Zoom meeting is as follows will be sent to you after contacting us.

We are meeting in person at the Ocean Park Rescue Squad Building located at 3769 East Stratford Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.

I suggest parking in the rear of the building or along a side street. You can enter the building at the rear door located next to the rear parking area. I will put a sign on the door to the room where we are meeting.

A thriving live oak growing since mid ‘70s on Pleasure House Point.

Amazing Grace, the beloved live oak in Chics Beach, is getting crown cleaning & branch reduction tomorrow!

The work is being done on Tuesday December 19th.

View entire update at Petition on

SUMMARY: The city has a Master Arborist coming to do the required mitigation work on our lovely tree on Tuesday, Dec 19:
City Arborist wrote…..

“I received word today that our contractor plans to do the crown cleaning and branch reduction tomorrow for the Live Oak at 2512 Bayview Avenue. We are requesting any onlookers to remain well back from city and private property lines in order to insure safety. . .

“First stop on any live oak tour: The historic Emancipation Oak on the campus of Hampton University in Hampton was called one of the world’s 10 great trees by the National Geographic Society.”

View Tour de Tree by Tom Horton at Bay Journal:

Such glory beckoned like cool water to a parched throat; but I almost didn’t get there. It was the live oaks’ fault. A friend said we should visit them first, and once you start with Quercus virginiana, you don’t want to leave them. They spread two or three times their height, mighty limbs swooping and gnarling, combining power and grace with a rugged fluidity — sculptures evoking centuries of wind and weather.