“So, she decided she needed to plant 1,000 trees in Virginia Beach.”

A great article about a spectacular teen at Pilotonline.com:

To prove her point, Sarah refers to the “State of the Urban Forestry” report by Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation for 2015-16, which states the city’s urban tree canopy was 38 percent based on 2012 data, and that American Forests recommends a minimum of 40 percent. In response, the city adopted a 45 percent goal over the next 20 years.

“I made it my goal to help increase that percentage,” she said.


Amazing Grace, the beloved live oak in Chics Beach, is getting crown cleaning & branch reduction tomorrow!

The work is being done on Tuesday December 19th.

View entire update at Petition on Change.org:

SUMMARY: The city has a Master Arborist coming to do the required mitigation work on our lovely tree on Tuesday, Dec 19:
City Arborist wrote…..

“I received word today that our contractor plans to do the crown cleaning and branch reduction tomorrow for the Live Oak at 2512 Bayview Avenue. We are requesting any onlookers to remain well back from city and private property lines in order to insure safety. . .

“Friends of Live Oaks want you to let your city council representative know how important it is to protect this tract of live oaks down near the Virginia Beach Sportsplex.”

Check out Mary Reid Barrow’s article at Pilotonline.com.

In the coming months the city is due to approve a master traffic plan for the area and protection of the grove is part of the plan. Speaking to your council member in person or writing them or emailing them about this would be a good start toward preserving the grove, Bernick said.

Learn more about Live Oak Grove here.
Start here to contact your Councilperson to ask for the preservation of Live Oak Grove.

“A treasure trove of live oaks has been growing under the radar in Virginia Beach for decades. The storied trees have now come to the attention of the Virginia Beach Friends of Live Oaks.”

Check out entire article at Pilotonline.com:

The Friends call it the Live Oak Grove. Unfortunately, this live oak showcase has no public access, and the Friends group hopes that it will be designated as a protected natural area and included in the city’s plans for developing that area.

You can learn more at LiveOakGrove.org.